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Mind to


Everything is created twice, first in mind then in reality “Fall in love with creativity". Let your paint brush do all the talking. This is your happy creative space providing inspiration to create.


Finding Joy in the


Focusing in the present moment is a present! Art is so much more than just drawing lines and shapes. It assists you to pause, relax and resculpt yourself. Encouraging little ones, instilling inner core values and building character are some of the inbuilt characteristics of art.


Progress Over


Art helps in shaping young minds practise concentration which in-turn heightens academic success. The imagination of the child is elevated to an entirely new level and we make sure progress is more significant over perfection.

Aura Artz

Find and lose yourself through art!

“Aura Artz” as the name suggests is all about creating your own magic and discover more of who you are, through the process of art. Each and every individual is unique and so is their art.

let your paint brush do all the talking!

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Let your colour trails speak.
Inhale colours, exhale masterpiece!

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Our Programmes

Busy Bees

Age: 4-7 yrs

Twinkling Tweens

Age: 8-12 yrs

Jubilant Juvenile

Age: 13-17 yrs

Aspiring Adults

Age: 18 Plus

Blissful Beginnings

Prenatal Art Classes

One Day Work Shops

Age: 18 Plus

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