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About Aura Artz

“Aura Artz ” as the name suggests is all about creating your own magic and discover more of who you are, through the process of art . Each and every individual is unique and so is their art.

Let your paint brush do all the talking!

We at Aura Artz believe that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and as rightly said “Learning never exhausts the mind” Let’s initiate that first step to paint your world!

Mrs. Gauthami Srinivasan., B-Tech


Blessed to be raised in Pondicherry, India in a tranquil setup my school life was nothing short of bliss. Art has been a passion. Since childhood and I have always thought of myself as an artist in my own right. During school days the white monument was the commencement of my outdoor sketching. I can still recollect how gratified and confident I was after completing my first sketch.

In the process of creating an art work, I learnt the biggest life lesson~it wasn’t about competing or proving but the experience of feeling delighted and joyous with a sense of accomplishment. Gradually my enthusiasm for art heightened. I earned my B-tech in Biotechnology and worked briefly at WIPRO. After marriage, and being a full time mother of two beautiful angels for a couple of years, I started to pursue my passion once again!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to both my Masters & well wishers; Mr. Kirubanithi., MFA (founder and Mr Raguveeran Palraj., MFA (SIFAS, Singapore) for their guidance, encouragement and continuous support in moulding my dreams to reality!

Our goals:

  • To serve as a guiding light and nurture the aspiring artist in you.
  • To assist you to explore the full depth of your potential in the field of drawing and painting.
  • Creative art helps focus the mind, practise concentration which in-turn heightens academic success.
  • Shaping young minds, instilling inner core values and building character through art.
  • Finding joy in the ordinary! Art helps you to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life.

Our Vision:

  • Touching people’s life and connecting the world through art. Mental health is just as significant as physical and social well-being.
  • expressing oneself through art can assist people in improving their mental health by lowering stress and anxiety, enhancing happiness and fostering self-discovery.
  • Making learning simple and enjoyable for all ages; including an unborn child (check out our prenatal art workshops).
  • We are working to cater to people with special needs as well as underprivileged children and we are sure it will significantly influence their lives in the long term. This form of art therapy has been proved to be beneficial.
  • Happy and mindful people are certainly more productive and add value to the society.

Let your colour trails speak!
Inhale colours, exhale masterpiece


Why Art?

Happiness is an inside job . Art allows us to connect with our inner selves.. also helps you enjoy the small things in life ..

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