Mon to Sat: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Blissful Beginnings
(Prenatal Art Classes)

This prenatal art course is specially designed for expecting mothers. The mother can train the child, while still in the womb to become a genius later.

A Cheerful mother releases happy harmones which has positive impact on the foetus ..

“What you think, you become

For a mom-to-be.,
“what she thinks her baby becomes“

The secret lies in her daily routine!!

The course structure is completely designed to help them take a pause from the outside world., sit back, relax from their busy schedule and peacefully enjoy mom and baby time.

What We Do

  • Activity puzzles for left and right brain stimulation
  • Solving logical reasoning and aptitude
  • Different drawing styles along with the benefits of colouring
  • Brain gym exercises and many more interesting techniques that enrich mom and baby bonding while the baby is still in the womb
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